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AGORUA is a local Online Marketplace designed to enhance and modernize the shopping experience in Guyana. We created this platform with the goal of connecting vendors and consumers in a central marketplace to create a more friendly shopping experience. We believe that when consumers are in the know and are in control of their shopping experience, it benefits both the consumer and vendor.  No more walking from store to store hoping to find the best price, AGORUA wants to put businesses at the forefront of every consumer’s’ mind.

What we do!

  • AGORUA helps small and large businesses increase sales by driving traffic to their store using digital marketing.
  • AGORUA provides local consumers with a  hassle free and stress free shopping experience. Our Platform  allows you to view products, compare prices and choose delivery methods all from the comfort of your home.
  • AGORUA provides a roadmap for expats looking to find products and services that are available in Guyana.
  • AGORUA puts consumers in the “know” about happenings in Guyana
We are authentic in our belief and dedication to enhancing and modernizing your shopping experience. So join us, you will not be disappointed!


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With AGORUA safe and secure payment systems, rest assure that your information is dealt with the highest level of security

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Online support available 24/7 to give you the help you need

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Enjoy free shipping on all qualified orders